What is your turnaround time to deliver my photographs? 

For all sessions, allow up to two weeks to receive your gallery.

What is required to book our shoot?

Each session with me is bespoke, hence please contact me for a quote for our session prior to booking. From Jan 2024, a deposit will act as confirmation of booking. Once the deposit is paid you will receive a personal email from me (allow 24hrs for this) along with a link to all the session info. The final payment is due on the day of your session - I usually send your invoice within 24hrs of the session (often along with some sneak peeks).

How does a shoot with you work?

First thing we decide is a date and location. I am happy to recommend a few of my favourite spots close to you, however, I am never opposed to a new location! I find shooting out in nature the most comfortable place for families, as it’s a less restrictive for the mini explorers we may have in tow. My style is candid, and the unpredictability of nature often serves up something beautifully unexpected.
For newborn sessions, I recommend the shoot to be in the comfort of your own home. The calming and familiar environment for baby means I photograph them when they are content. Plus, you and the rest of your family can continue to relax in your newborn bubble.

How do you deliver the photos?

Photos are delivered in your own personal online gallery. Through the gallery, you have unlimited downloads to the high-resolution images and can also purchase high quality prints through my shop. You are not limited to printing solely through the gallery, but I highly recommend it.

What happens if we need to reschedule the shoot?

In the event of circumstances outside our control which require us to reschedule, please get in touch as soon as possible, so that we can schedule a new date/time. You will not lose your deposit and we will just find a date that works.

What if there’s bad weather?

For most of my sessions, we can embrace whatever weather comes our way! Overcast is WONDERFUL to capture in! However, with torrential rain or thunderstorm, I usually encourage we reschedule.

When should my newborn be photographed?

All of my newborns are photographed at around one week of age (ideally around day 10) or at 6 weeks+ in order to get the very best out of your session. Little ones grow and change so quickly in those first couple of weeks, so it's essential to capture them as early as we can.

What is your style?

For me your session is more than taking photos of what I see. It starts when we start talking. I want to create beautiful images from what I feel in your company.
I give subtle direction but my style is natural and candid.
As a photographic artist, I have an aesthetic I bring to my shoots, please look at my portfolios or Instagram channel, to see if this is something which suits you.

I‘m nervous to be photographed - any advice?

I am there to capture the moments and detail that are so often hard to capture by yourself. My style is candid and authentic, so my direction will be subtle and nurturing.
It’s natural to feel nervous before a shoot, but once we start our session and you’re a few minutes in, you’ll be fine and the nerves will pass. Ultimately, I want you to have fun and have a beautiful gallery of images - I'll be doing my best to help you achieve that!

I’m ready to book - what's next?

It's my pleasure to answer any further questions you might have via my contact form or DM me on Instagram.
When you are ready to book please use my online booking form.

What happens if I get sick or test positive for Coronavirus before our photoshoot?

If you are feeling unwell before a photoshoot, please email or call me, and we will postpone until you are healthy. Yours and my health are both important and rescheduling is not a problem.

Can I cancel our photoshoot due to Coronavirus?

If you need to cancel a photoshoot due to the virus and travel restrictions, we will look for a new mutually convenient date. You don’t need to pay another session deposit.

What happens if you (my photographer) get sick before our photoshoot?

If I feel sick before your photoshoot, I will inform you as soon as possible and offer postponement. I will be completely honest with you about my own health so that you can make a decision on what to do next.
1) We organise a new session date for you at a time that suits you. OR
2) If you don’t want to go ahead at a later date I will refund you the booking deposit.

What is the online gallery?

The online gallery is essentially a private webpage where I upload your session images. Once completed I will send you a link and password so that you have access and can view your images. Once full payment is received, your images will be available for download and/or printing. It's your choice whether you simply download the images to your own devices or choose to have some printed through my partner printing company. (Instructions for purchasing prints on various papers, card stock and sizes are available from the gallery.)